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Report on WA women

Last updated: 17/03/2016 4:30 PM
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Women'S Report Card 2015

A comprehensive report on the status and progress of women in Western Australia has been released by the Department of Local Government and Communities.

The 2015 Women's Report Card contains a collection of data and research about women in four areas:

  • Leadership 
  • Economic independence
  • Safety and justice
  • Health and wellbeing

It is the fifth in a series of indicator reports that aim to raise awareness of the status of women and encourage action to address the barriers to women's progress.

The 2015 report contains almost 90 indicators and more than 500 statistics. It shows that, while improvements have been made in areas such as female labour force participation, barriers to women's progress persist.

For example, the proportion of women in the WA public sector's Senior Executive Service has increased markedly; representation of women in leadership roles in local government has also increased; and women's labour force participation rates have risen.

However, the proportion of female enrolments in vocational education courses in engineering and related technology fields is low; the number of reported incidents of family and domestic violence against a female has increased; and the gender pay gap in WA is still higher than the national average.

The data presented in the report will help to set priorities and measure progress. The information will allow local governments, the community sector and other organisations to develop initiatives that support women and advance gender equity.

The Department of Local Government and Communities works with partners from across government, the private and community sectors, and academia to deliver programs and activities promoting economic independence and leadership of women.