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Dog microchips compulsory from 1 November

Last updated: 23/10/2015 7:55 PM
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Dogs Microchipped
All domestic dogs in Western Australia must be microchipped from 1 November 2015 as part of changes to the Dog Act 1976.

Amendments to the legislation, made in 2013, require dog owners to ensure that, from November, their dog is microchipped once it has reached three months of age.

Owners will need to show proof that the dog has been microchipped by providing their local government with the microchip number when their pet is registered.

A penalty of $200 may apply if a dog is not microchipped. However, a dog may be exempt if the owner has a vet’s certificate stating the animal’s health and welfare may be at risk if chip implantation takes place.

Amendments to the Dog Act include a range of measures to improve community safety and encourage responsible dog ownership, including allowing for nuisance behaviour to be more effectively dealt with and the recognition of assistance dogs.

Local governments are urged to remind dog owners of their microchipping responsibilities in the lead up to the November deadline. 

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