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Stand for local council

Last updated: 23/10/2015 2:03 AM
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More women and young people are being urged to vote and stand for council in Western Australia’s local government elections in October.

While women comprise 51 per cent of the State’s population and WA has the fastest growing percentage of young people in Australia, both groups are historically under-represented in council elections.

Women and young people, as well as Aboriginal people and those from culturally diverse backgrounds, all have an important voice in the community and are encouraged to get involved in local decision making.

The Department of Local Government and Communities has produced a range of materials to ensure local governments are informed about their legislative requirements and to help councils and community organisations promote the elections.

Local government elections take place on Saturday 17 October. Candidates for council have from 3 to 10 September to lodge a nomination.

Visit the WA Electoral Commission website for more information.