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Immunisation requirements for early childhood education and care services

Last updated: 6/08/2019 8:31 PM
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On 22 July 2019, changes to the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) and the School Education Act 1999 (WA) came into effect that will help increase vaccination rates of children in Western Australia and better protect the community from vaccine preventable notifiable infectious diseases.

When enrolling a child into any child care service, kindergarten or school, parents or guardians are already required to provide their child's Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement. This statement must not be more than two months old. From 22 July 2019, the child's immunisation status must be 'up to date' according to their AIR Immunisation History Statement to be permitted to enrol into long day care, family day care, pre-kindergarten or kindergarten.

Exceptions apply for children who have an approved medical exemption to a vaccine, have natural immunity to a specific disease, are on an approved catch-up schedule, or are identified as an exempt child because of a particular family circumstance.

From 22 July, any pending and/or unfinalised applications for enrolment as well as any new enrolments into child care must meet the new immunisation requirements.

AIR Immunisation History Statement

A child's current statement can be accessed at any time by the parent/guardian through:

  • MyGov, by logging in to their Medicare online account
  • Medicare Express Plus App, by logging into their Medicare account
  • Visiting a Medicare or Centrelink office, or
  • Calling the AIR General Enquiries Line on 1800 653 809 to request an AIR statement to be posted.

For more information on how to apply the new legislation during the enrolment process, please refer to:

Additional information, including fact sheets for families and the exemption eligibility application form can be found on the Department of Health website.