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Carers and grandcarers

Last updated: 12/04/2019 12:50 AM
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‚ÄčThe Department of Communities partners with the community services sector to support people in a carer's role, including grandcarers. Services help carers manage the challenges of caring by building their knowledge, skills and confidence and linking them to social support networks and relevant community resources. The funding includes a scheme that delivers an annual payment to eligible West Australian grandcarers.

Major funded services

  • Carers WA - works in partnership with carers, people with care and support needs, health professionals, service providers, government and the wider community to achieve an improved quality of life for carers.
  • Wanslea - provides support services for grandcarers, including the Grandcarers Support Scheme, an annual support payment to grandparents who have full-time responsibility for raising their grandchildren.