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Women's Services Directory



Child Care Access Hotline844729/06/2017 7:12:12 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Djooraminda - Centrecare756030/06/2017 6:02:23 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Independent Living Centre of WA765816/06/2017 6:46:28 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Parent Support - Peel783516/06/2017 6:20:27 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Housing Authority854330/06/2017 5:59:38 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Disability Services Commission755730/06/2017 6:01:38 AM4 Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse066~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Newman Women's Shelter778524/11/2017 8:11:04 AM88 Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse066~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Waminda House Women's Refuge804916/06/2017 1:31:08 AM25 Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse066~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Western Australian Career Centre806614/06/2017 7:26:30 AM15 Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse066~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
National Council for Single Mothers and their Children77756/06/2017 6:41:52 AM Information Service/AllItems.aspxFalse66~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Default.js



Education and Care Regulatory Unit (formerly Child Care Licensing Unit) Department of Local Government and Communities Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2410Education and Care Regulatory Unit (formerly Child Care Licensing Unit) Department of Local Government and CommunitiesThe Unit provides help with information about local services, finding a service that is right for a child, ideas to help parents and carers settle a child into child care and to have positive relationships with child carers. Licensing and monitoring of child care services.
Aboriginal Family Support Services Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2049Aboriginal Family Support ServicesThe program provides information, advocacy and referrals as well as group activities, respite camps and peer support groups to Aboriginal grandparents and their families through the generations.
Aboriginal Resources Directory Perth - Ruah Community Services Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2054Aboriginal Resources Directory Perth - Ruah Community ServicesThe directory includes services relevant to Aboriginal people in the Perth metropolitan area, including for the aged, accommodation, community centres, community development, counselling, cultural centres, education, employment, family, health, legal, pastoral care, playgroups.
Alcohol and Drug Support Line (24hrs) Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2080Alcohol and Drug Support Line (24hrs)The support line provides telephone advice, counselling, information and referral for anyone concerned about their own or anyone elses use of alcohol and other drugs, consultancy to professionals and information and support about blood-borne viruses (HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C).
Australian Red Cross Western Australia Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2138Australian Red Cross Western AustraliaProvides support to people before, during and after disasters. Red Cross distributes resources that can help families, seniors, children and people with disabilities plan for and recover from disasters. During an emergency Red Cross may assist to reunite.
Office of the Public Advocate Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2667Office of the Public AdvocatePromotes and protects the rights of adults with decision-making disabilities, on whose behalf it investigates concerns about abuse, neglect or exploitation. Guardianship services when appointed by the State Administrative Tribunal. Information, advice and training on protecting the rights of people with decision-making disabilities, inlcuding information on Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Guardianship. Advocates.
Robin Winkler Clinic Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2788Robin Winkler ClinicIndividual and group therapy for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances, relationship problems, anger, eating disturbances, weight management, social phobia, quitting smoking, substance abuse, gambling, behavioural and emotional problems.
West African Women's Group in WA Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2975West African Women's Group in WAReferral to other service providers, including the African Women's Council and the African Community in WA. Women's support group, fundraising, organising community and women's events. Women intersted in joining the membership, assisting with activities, or needing support or information, are welcome.
Women's Domestic Violence Helpline (24hrs) Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2999Women's Domestic Violence Helpline (24hrs)This service provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence. This includes phone counselling, information and advice, referral to local advocacy and support services, liaison with police if necessary and support in escaping situations of family and domestic violence. The service can refer women to safe accommodation if required.
Centrelink Disability, Sickness and Carers Information Service/DispForm.aspx?ID=2236Centrelink Disability, Sickness and CarersAnswers queries about disability, sickness and carers support, including information on the Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment and Allowance, Mobility Allowance and Sickness Allowance.