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Families and Communities Program Volunteer Grants Activity 2019-20 Volunteer Grants3460Volunteer Grants aim to support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers. The grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers. The grants form part of the Government’s work to support volunteers, as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering. 22/01/2020 4:01:31 AM8 Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Lotterywest Grants Program8170Lotterywest’s grants can help you to operate more effectively, help you create better facilities and opportunities for your community. We can provide grants for arts and culture with priority to support proposals that assist people who face barriers to participate in community life or cultural activity. A very wide range of purposes may be supported including support for cultural groups, projects, community events and more.5/12/2018 5:41:29 AM6 Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Women Leaders in Sport 8148The ustralian Sports Commission manages the Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) program, an Australian Government initiative in partnership with the Office for Women.5/12/2018 4:36:32 AM Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Road Safety Commission Event Grants8173To further encourage community groups to participate in road safety, the Road Safety Community Grant Program provides from $50 to $1,000 in event grants. Successful applicants will be supplied with a road safety message with relevant information and suggestions for supporting policies.12/02/2019 8:13:56 AM Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Road Safety Commission Project Grants8174Project Grants were developed to provide funds to organisations and groups to develop and implement projects based on the Towards Zero 2008-2020, the State Government’s road safety strategy.12/02/2019 8:14:07 AM Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Connecting Communities Grants Program8210The program is about supporting community organisations that focus on building social inclusion and supporting disengaged youth.20/07/2017 10:17:22 AM Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Community Grants 8211Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund's Community Grants Program supports initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of Australian children, awarding community groups grants of up to $10,000 to fund programs that will directly benefit local communities.5/12/2018 8:46:42 AM Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Youth Activities8138Youth Activities Grants was established to provide funding support for activities and projects that encourage and support West Australian young people to engage in community life.20/07/2017 10:17:43 AM6 Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
WA Grants for Women Program8139The Department for communities provides funding for the Western Australian Grants for Women Program. Projects are expected to be completed within 12 months of the grant allocation.20/07/2017 10:17:43 AM3 Templates/Search/Item_Default.js
Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) - Round 38140The Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) provides funding for priority infrastructure in Australia�s regions. The program builds on the strengths and addresses the priorities of Australia�s diverse regions by funding community priorities. Round Three supports small towns, with $50 million available for grants of between $50,000 and $500,000 for projects located in towns with populations of 30,000 people or less.20/07/2017 10:17:44 AM6 Templates/Search/Item_Default.js