Last updated: 25/05/2018 11:24 PM
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​Grandfamilies are families in which the grandparents have taken on full-time responsibility for bringing up their grandchildren. Grandparents who raise grandfamilies provide a valuable community service. They give the children a great sense of family continuity, more frequent and consistent contact with the parents, and closer sibling ties. They also enable children to retain direct links with their family history and culture and reinforce their sense of identity and self-esteem.

Grandfamilies Guide

The Grandfamilies Guide provides contact details for a range of organisations and services that can help grandparents meet their grandchildren's needs, as well as look after their own wellbeing. It includes information about practical matters such as financial assistance and concessions; accommodation; child care and education; and legal and custody issues. 

Grandfamilies: Legal matters and resources

The Grandfamilies: Legal matters and resources publication is designed to assist grandcarers in Western Australia to understand the legal issues relating to the care of their grandchildren.

As a grandcarer you may be concerned about custody or legal responsibility issues that have arisen or which may arise in the future. This information is provided to help you identify the issues you need to consider and whether or not you should seek a legal solution such as applying for court orders.

Grandcarers Support Scheme

The Grandcarers Support Scheme provides an annual support payment to grandparents who have full-time responsibility for raising their grandchildren. It acknowledges the additional demands and financial pressures that grandparents in this role may experience. The scheme is funded by the Department of Communities and administered by Wanslea. Grandcarers are legally, biologically or culturally defined grandparents including great-grandparents. Visit the Wanslea website or phone 1800 794 909 for an application or for more information about the scheme.