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Early Years Population Profile Resource

Last updated: 12/04/2019 12:48 AM
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Early Years Networks (EYNs) across Western Australia play a fundamental role in supporting young children and their families.

They are volunteer groups that may comprise parents, state and local government employees including early childhood teachers, library staff, child health nurses, health care professionals and community sector organisations.

EYNs raise awareness of issues for young children and their families, and advocate at local levels to support the care, education, health and wellbeing of young children and make positive long term change.

In 2014, the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) Connecting Early Years Networks Project (CEYNP) was funded for two years by the Woodside Development Fund, Lotterywest and the former Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC).

The funding will support EYNs to become more sustainable and achieve their full potential.

A WA Early Years Population Profile for children aged zero to nine years has been developed by DLGC as a resource to provide EYNs with evidence-based information about children living in their communities. It provides data for all WA local governments.

Interactive Maps for the WA Early Years Population Profile 0-9 years

As a mapping and data analysis/visualisation tool, two interactive maps are available: Single Map View and Double Map View. Single Map View is considered more suitable for analysing data for one location or for exploring data for multiple locations at a specific point in time and Double Map View for comparing data and trends for one or more locations

Quick Start Guide to using the Interactive Maps

Data Button:

Click this button to choose an indicator to analyse.

Filter Button:

Click this button to choose a region to focus on. A region can be selected from Regional Development Commission areas (RDCs) or Statistical Areas Level 4 (SA4). See the abbreviations section for more details about these regions.

Legend Settings Button:

Mouse over the header ‘Legend’ and click the cog to customise the legend for your purpose: the numbers of classes and the formatting such as colours can be changed.

Year of Data/Time Animation:

Simply click the button to choose the year of data to analyse. This can be also used to view how population has changed over time. Click forward button to step through each year, or clickplay button to cycle through all the available data for the indicator selected.

Other functions:

Click the ‘Help’ button on the right top corner to access more information about the functionality of the InstantAtlas* (note: all the functions on the list are not available for the interactive maps for the WA Early Years Population Profile 0-9 years).


Data Source



Estimated Resident Population (ERP)

Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2016. Cat no. 3101.0 - Australian Demographic Statistics, Mar 2016. TABLE 55. Estimated Resident Population By Single Year Of Age, Western Australia.

Population Projection

Department of Planning/Western Australian Planning Commission.2015. Western Australia Tomorrow. Population Report No. 10. Medium Term Population Forecasts for Western Australia 2014 to 2026 and Sub-regions 2016 to 2026.


Abbreviations ​ ​

​For more information


​Estimated Resident Population

​An estimate of the population of a region at a point in time.

Australian Bureau of Statistics


​Local Government Areas

mycouncil WA


​Regional Development Commission

​Regional areas which comprise multiple local governments outside of the Perth metropolitan area.

Government of Western Australia
Department of Regional Development


​Statistical Areas Level 4

​Largest sub-State regions in the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard.



The Interactive Maps for the WA Early Years Population Profile 0-9 years is based on a mapping and data analysis/visualisation software 'InstantAtlas' developed by Geowise Ltd (